Our success story is full of versatility. The founders of the company, active in the branch for decades, have given it a wide base for solid growth in East and West Europe and have developed well-established partnerships with the best producers of chemical products, based on trust and mutual understanding.

Our partners are the largest manufacturers of chemical raw materials in Eastern Europe. Due to the large number of suppliers, we are able to offer a wide range of chemicals.

All our products are in full compliance with the REACH legislation. Our customers can be always sure that the delivered products have got all the necessary certificates of conformity, and transportation is carried out in compliance with international rules and regulations for each chemical product.

Due to the variety of our product portfolio we are able to fulfil the demands of customers from extremely diverse branches and regions.

Our customers are manufacturers of synthetic detergents, paints, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. We supply chemicals in more than 50 cities in Europe and Asia.

We are so successful as a specialist in a chemical trade because we put great emphasis on the areas of quality, quantity, competence, safety and service


We guarantee:

  • reliable suppliers of high quality raw materials
  • reliable logistics solutions
  • individual approach to each client
  • flexible payment system
  • any amounts and a broad spectrum of packaging options for our chemicals
  • global standards for industrial and environmental safety
  • strict compliance to contract and delivery terms

We are always available to our customers – around the clock!